Generation food is an agro and food movement helping people solve food related problems.

A new generation of people doesn't take their food light anymore.

What about our food? How does food impact our daily lives, nature and what is the social impact?


How do we know what we eat, and how we will manage to produce quality food for each human being on our planet?

We are Generation Food.

Generation Food is not only for starters or youngsters. Generation Food doesn't share a period or age. They share a vision, an interest. We are farmers, students, entrepreneurs trying to build a sustainable foodture through entrepreneurship.

Generation Food is an agro and food movement helping people solve food related problems. But we can't do this alone so we need your help.


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What drives us
Engage with innovators

Through food hackathons, we engage in co-creation and develop new business ideas, for farmers, food start-ups and local organisations.

Support food-startups & professionals

Done talking, feel like doing something? Join the innovation-tracks with hackathons, masterclasses and testlabs to figure it all out.

Download our manifesto here

Past couple of months we've worked hard behind the scenes to offer you a range of digitale alternatives and new and interesting Forums, Masterclasses and Hackathons.

Discover our new events below!

The Generation Food Team

Upcoming Events

DINER HACK: Transitie naar duurzame horeca.
Location is TBD
MASTERCLASS: Hoe een duurzaam voedingsbedrijf starten en laten groeien?
UCLL Campus Proximus
MAKEATHON: Het valoriseren van nevenstromen
UCLL Campus Gasthuisberg
MASTERCLASS: Personeel in een landbouwbedrijf + Newbie awards
ONLINE FORUM: Hyper gepersonaliseerde voeding, de toekomst?
Online talk




At Generation Food Business, innovation is not the umpteenth buzzword. We want to help established companies, governments and large organisations that are committed to sustainable and healthy food.

Because we believe that together, through internal and external innovation and change processes, we will come up with new ideas, solutions and insights for a foodture-proof environment in the future. And we want to support this!




Generation Food is built on partnerships, because we believe that if we want to make a change and find solutions, we need te work together. 

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